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    Annual production of 70,000 tons of DRI project in
    Browse number£º188  Add time£º2019-02-26 16:15:55

    Annual production of 70,000 tons of DRI project in Iranian Kavian£¨Omran£©Company was successfully put into production


    Just after the Chinese Lunar spring festival, good news came from Iran: The Iranian Kavian£¨Omran£©contracted by Tangshan Outstanding Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (OTSK) in EPS mode has achieved an instant production of 70,000 tons of DRI projects. The project adopts the external thermal reaction tank reduction process, which is the fully automatic production line of OTSK's independent innovation. It is the demonstration project of the maximum capacity of the thermal reaction tank process in the world. (Submitted by Marketing and International Trading Department, Tangshan OTSK Co., Ltd.2019-02-24)

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