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    OTSK introduction


    ¡ï Apr, 2003- Tangshan Outstanding Science and Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to OTSK) was formally established and settled in Tangshan High-tech Development Zone. It is established and invested by several Chinese kiln industry experienced experts and post-doctoral researchers. The OTSK include Tangshan and Huanggang two companies. The existing staff of more than 320 people, which accounted for 20% of engineering and technical personnel, senior technical personnel accounting for 12%.

    ¡ï Aug, 2003- The first generation product microwave reducing furnace was fabricated by OTSK and access to the market. Due to safety and cost reasons, we suspended the microwave reduction process.

    ¡ï Jul, 2005- Based on the tunnel kiln direct reduction process R & D and innovation, the first big gas tunnel kiln launched in Taiyuan Lingdong, and it marks the advent of second-generation product of OTSK.

    ¡ï Oct. 2006- OTSK central laboratory was set up.

    ¡ï Oct. 2007- OTSK make the decision to develop the car bottom furnace and start to construction. The third generation product car bottom furnace process start.

    ¡ï May, 2008- OTSK wined the EPC bid of an annual output of 100,000 tons steel sponge of Kunming Iron and Steel Group which is China's first industrial-scale reducing iron production line.

    ¡ï Sept, 2008- Granted the right to import and export business.

    ¡ï Oct, 2008- Huanggang outstanding furnace company was established, marking the OTSK step towards the brand extension strategy.

    ¡ï Dec, 2009- Signed the 300,000 tons DRI project contact with CASE Company in India, marking China's large-scale industrial projects tunnel kiln the first to the world.

    ¡ï Oct, 2010- Car bottom furnace process was formally proposed in blast furnace Chinese Society for Metals Committee of non-blast furnace annual meeting.

    ¡ï Nov, 2010- With the advantage of car bottom furnace process research and development, OTSK accessed to "high-tech enterprise" title.

    ¡ï Jan, 2011- Car bottom furnace technology has been included in the "Hebei Science and Technology Innovation Fund"

    ¡ï Mar, 20, 2011- OTSK trademark formally access to National Trademark Office registration.

    ¡ï Jun, 2011- Technology products into the restructuring period, with the advent of car bottom furnace iron tablets process, and several other major process results and patent technology, the third generation product of OTSK- OTS reduction process was officially formed, and the process began to enter the market.

    ¡ï Jul, 2011-Signed car bottom furnace projects with Xinjiang, Jiangxi and Korea clients

    ¡ï Jul, 18, 2011- OTSK car bottom furnace industrialization design accreditation meeting held in Tangshan.

    ¡ï Jul, 22, 2011- Signed a joint commitment with the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) joint undertake the 863 national scientific and technological projects, "low-power high-temperature non-metallic mineral polymer technology research and demonstration", the results will be applied to car bottom furnace lining and the lining of the car.

    ¡ï Oct, 28, 2011- With Dr. Jiang Xin, Northeastern University and McMaster University in Canada-Chinese metallurgist Professor Lu Weigao representatives signed the joint development of high temperature and high material layer direct reduction process (PSH) technology development cooperation contract, marking the start of the connection for car bottom furnace process and PSH process.

    ¡ï Nov, 3, 2011-signed with Northeastern University for jointly undertaken National scientific and technological support projects  ¡°metallurgical slag, lead and zinc iron and nickel recycling technology research and demonstration "cooperation agreement

    ¡ï Jul, 31, 2012-India CASE company with an annual output of 300,000 tons of DRI - 194 meters large tunnel kiln officially put into operation .

    ¡ï Aug,2012-The new type energy saving gas tunnel kiln was running in Anhui Huagang Co., LTD

    ¡ï Sep,2013-Companies through the "high-tech enterprise¡° recheck and the ¡°Hebei province science and technology innovation fund project" acceptance.

    ¡ï Nov,2013-The natural gas tunnel kiln was running in Henan tongrui new material Co., LTD

    ¡ï Jul, 2013 - Dec 2013, the company respectively with two Iranian customer signed the contract of DRI production capacity of 400,000 tons, for the second decade of the company ushered in the good start.


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