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    Our company won the bid to undertake the general c
    Browse number£º316  Add time£º2018-08-06 10:58:11

    Our company won the bid to undertake the general contract of scrap steel preheating car-bottom tunnel furnace project of Tangshan Fengnan iron and steel co., LTD of Hebei Zhongheng Group

    Recently, our company participated in the general contracting bidding activity of the car bottom-type scrap steel heating tunnel furnace project of Hebei zhongheng Group Fengnan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. After fierce competition, our company won the bid with the advantage of the patent technology group and the disadvantage of higher than the competitor price. The winning bid for the bottom-type scrap steel heating tunnel furnace marks that the company's car bottom furnace technology which have been researched and developed for 10 years moves to the market. It also enabled our company to complete the product structure upgrade from the tunnel kiln to the car-bottom tunnel furnace, realizing the diversified transformation of the single market of direct reduced iron to the field of scrap steel heating. After the completion of the project, it will become a landmark project in the steel and metallurgy field to replace the molten iron with 50% hot scrap steel for converter steelmaking. It will actively adjust the source of raw materials for steel enterprises and replace some molten iron with scrap steel to reduce energy consumption, waste emissions and improve economy and will play a great role in promoting.

    In the face of this gratifying situation, the company's board of directors decided to instruct the general manager to operate the management team, to face the foreign and domestic markets, direct reduction of iron and scrap steel heating field, tunnel kiln and car-bottom tunnel furnace two products, Unified command and dispatch, division of labor is responsible for implementation, and strive to achieve a win-win situation. At present, the project manager department has started work and the project is progressing smoothly.

    (Marketing and International Trading Department, Tangshan OTSK Co., Ltd. 2018-08-04)

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